mattifying face primer

What Does a Mattifying Face Primer Do?

A mattifying face primer is helpful to control excess oil and shine on the face. It's an excellent step to prepare the skin for makeup application. By applying it prior to your liquid or powder foundation, it creates a smooth, matte finish. 

Here are the top four benefits of using a mattifying face primer:

1. Reduce shine: A mattifying face primer helps minimizes the appearance of shine, particularly in the t-zone (forehead, nose, and chin). 

2. Minimize large pores: Consider our cruelty-free mattifying face primer for sensitive skin. It's ideal for helping to make large pores less visible. 

3. Improve makeup longevity: A mattifying face primer creates a smooth, even surface, allowing the makeup to last longer throughout the day. 

4. Prevent makeup from sliding: By using a mattifying face primer, your makeup is less likely to slide or smudge, especially in hot, humid weather.

Whether you're looking for a proven method to control oily skin or enhance the longevity of your makeup, a mattifying face primer is the perfect addition to your routine. 

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